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Bill Williams From Boots 2 Biz Radio Host

Join Host Bill Williams at 2:00pm EST on Thursdays as he features veterans in business, representatives of veteran friendly organizations, veteran support groups, franchisors and other guests.

There are over 23 million military veterans in the United States and over the next several years, at least 200,000 more will exit active duty, each year.  Historically, 9% to 15% of these veterans will pursue an entrepreneurial path.  By providing information and guidance, our goal is to help create more Veteran franchise owners who, in turn, will create new job opportunities for other Veterans.  Franchise companies prize veterans for their common attributes such as:  leadership, discipline, a team driven attitude and above average integrity.  Veterans are attracted to franchising  due to the structure, systems,training and success rate.

Is Franchising for You?  Explore the idea of franchise ownership by joining one of our webinars as featured on

Military Transition Advisors

Don’t think fast food when you hear the word “franchise.” Only 26% of franchise businesses are restaurant-related.  There are over 3000 franchise brands, learn how to choose the best business model for you and your future.

Here’s some food for thought about your future:
• The average job length in the U.S. is 2.8 years
• Business ownership can help you build a stable career
• Franchising reduces your risk and increases your chance for success

Spouses are encouraged to attend. Everyone who attends the webinar will receive a FREE copy of our eBook: “Introduction to Franchising”, a comprehensive guide to acquiring the right franchise for you

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