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Host Bill Williams

A few years ago, I had a career changing epiphany and, realized at heart, I’m an entrepreneur with a passion to help others discover their full potential.

At Axxiom Franchise Advisors, we help our clients transition from corporate employment and military or public service to business ownership by finding a franchise concept that best matches their personal experience, skills, interests, goals and capabilities.

My own career began as an officer in the United States Army, learning the benefits of discipline, planning and the need for rapid response, qualities that served me well during my 20+ years as a senior executive with technology companies.

Franchising is a great opportunity for many people, but it is critical to know that franchising is not right for everyone.

All franchises are not created equal.  We advise people about the differences among the franchise business models, attempting to keep them from making the wrong choice, potentially resulting in a financial disaster.

Two franchises may look similar but, in fact, may be vastly different.  Also, there are many hidden opportunities in franchising that most people would never find on their own.  Interested individuals may not recognize a franchise as a viable opportunity simply because they would not have up to date information or how a specific business model fits their requirements.

Military veterans have the skills sought by franchise companies: leadership, discipline, a team-driven attitude and above-average integrity.

Our informative, no cost, educational process ensures you will know how to make the best decision for your career and family future.