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Veterans After-Action Coalition: Habitat for Humanity Project

Today we welcome Brandon Skolnick and Dave Winchell to From Boots 2 Biz Radio talking about our Veterans sponsored project for Habitat for Humanity.   Our group has formed the Veterans After-Action Coalition: Habitat for Humanity Project to build a  home for a deserving, low income veteran and family in the Atlanta suburbs.   This will become an annual program.

It’s our time to help our heroes in need, find out how you can give back to an Atlanta based Veteran as we discuss our Habitat project launching this fall.  Be a part of this important event by joining the effort to collect necessary funding or volunteer your labor on a weekend to assist in the building phase.

The Veterans After-Action Coalition (VAAC) was organized in 2013 by both Veterans and civilian members.  The group works with several individuals and organizations in the Atlanta area who are dedicated to providing resources and connections aimed at assisting Veteran men and women in the community.  VAAC hosts and participates in several group meetings and round table discussions with topics that are useful to Vets in the metro Atlanta area.

The latest VAAC project joins the Habitat for Humanity organization, where our members will be organizing an Atlanta based home build for a qualifying Veteran.  The fundraising portion of the project is set to launch now, continuing until the end of 2013 and will be comprised of several different fundraising events in the community.  Financial support is crucial for the project to take place, so the VAAC has set up easily accessible portals where supporters can donate.  As with all Habitat for Humanity builds, the homes can’t be built without the helping hands of the community and VAAC will be recruiting hard workers for the eventual construction.   With successful backing from sponsors, contributors and willing workers, the project is set to begin construction by spring of 2014.

To learn more about the Veterans After-Action Coalition and our Habitat for Humanity project, join us on Facebook at JoinVAAC, and on Twitter: @JoinVAAC.    You can also email Brandon Skolnick, the project leader, at

To donate, please find us on under “Veterans After-Action Coalition”.  Thanks and we look forward to your support!

To learn if you may qualify for a Habitat for Humanity home, visit:




Patrol Services International aims at Veteran Entrepreneurs

The Industry

Funding for police patrol services has been cut at federal, state, county and municipal levels.  Because of these budget cuts, there are fewer police patrols being conducted which can lead to an increase in crime.  Patrol Services goal is to pick up this slack and provide the needed services.  Various statistics prove that regular and visible security patrols greatly reduce the chance of home invasion or crime in the patrolled areas.

We are a private security business, committed to closing the gap between law enforcement and security by providing targeted patrols in the community.

Why is PSI unique?

Patrol Services International has the experience, manpower and technology to supply the finest security services available.  Our on-demand officer presence is a dedicated and powerful alternative for safeguarding businesses and communities.

All Patrol Service officers are highly trained.  Most have sworn police department experience and/or Military Police experience.

The Market

Primarily businesses and individuals who are in search of security, security patrol, money transfer, personal protection, civil standby, and other related products and services.

Services include:

  • Special Event Security
  • Bike Patrols
  • Armed Officers
  • Alarm Response
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Fire Watch
  • Home Owners Associations.
  • Executive Protection
  • Labor Dispute Security

Patrol Services International aims at Veteran Entrepreneurs as a natural fit for a new career.  Our thanks to Bill Wilson, an experienced franchise executive and franchisee for PSI for spending time with From Boots 2 Biz Radio.

For more information about Patrol Services International, please contact your host of From Boots 2 Biz Radio, Bill Williams at


Mr. Rooter and Veteran Entrepreneurs Clean Up

Are you preparing to transition out of active duty?  Do you want to have positive income and build wealth in your next career?  Is quality of life for you and your family important?  Are you thinking about owning a franchise but are not aware of the many choices?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then it’s time you considered opening a Mr. Rooter franchise.  Mr. Rooter can show you how to launch and grow a plumbing business, follow an established and proven system, and build an asset that you can pass onto your children or sell when the time is right.

The plumbing business is not glamorous, however, it is one of those industries that enjoys a kind of natural job security.  As long as there are sinks, drains and toilets, homeowners and businesses are going to need plumbers.  It’s not the kind of repair you can put off for very long.  The Department of Labor lists the job prospects for plumbers as excellent.

Mr. Rooter is an all-franchised, full service plumbing and drain cleaning company with approximately 300 franchises worldwide that is consistently ranked among Entrepreneur magazine’s “Franchise 500.”  You can take our franchise business systems and solutions and four decades of plumbing expertise and put them to work for you as a business owner.  Our professional franchise system will help you find new customers, gain market share over local competition and take your business to a level of prosperity.

As a Mr. Rooter franchise owner, you will be equipped with marketing and public relations support, vendor rebates and incentives, and a dedicated franchise consultant to keep you on the right track.  We’ll provide ongoing training in our World Class Frontline Service System, designed to give your customers the best possible experience, and our Code of Values to keep your business focused on what matters most.

Mr. Rooter is part of the Dwyer Group family of service based franchises.  Leading the Service Industry is more than a statement at The Dwyer Group.  It means providing the best experience for our customers and franchise owners without compromise.  Simply put, we strive to be the best franchise company offering the best franchise opportunities.  It’s about reaching financial and personal goals while maintaining a commitment to integrity.  It’s about creating businesses that communities can look to for more than just service.  There’s a reason they call us Mr.!

Thanks to Mary Kennedy Thompson, herself a Marine veteran, now president of the Mr. Rooter brand and Glenn Galles, also a veteran and an owner of two franchise brands within the Dwyer Group for describing how Mr. Rooter and Veteran Entrepreneurs Clean Up.  Mary has over 20 years of experience in the franchise industry, a former franchise owner and twice chairwoman of the VetFran program as part of the International Franchise Association.  Glenn has grown a significant business in the relatively small city of Hot Springs, Arkansas and has won many awards recognizing his success including multi unit franchisee of the year.

For more information about Mr. Rooter and the other Dwyer group brands, please contact Bill Williams, your host of From Boots 2 Biz Radio at for no cost, no obligation franchise advice.



CitruSolution smells like success to Veteran Entrepreneurs

The CitruSolution organization is 84 locations strong and growing.  We provide a unique and proprietary process for carpet cleaning when coupled with business policies based on personal integrity that bring a unique level of performance and success to our industry.  The results?  CitruSolution smells like success to Veteran Entrepreneurs.

Paul Romanick, an Army veteran, is the inventor, founder and franchisor of CitruSolution, starting from nothing to a company national in scope yet dedicated to Paul’s  high standards of integrity, conducting business on a highly ethical basis, “under promise and over deliver” are Paul’s watch words.  “Integrate with the community and be of more value than just the service you provide” are his business guidelines.  To Paul, business success for his owners is essential but more important is a successful, flexible, enjoyable personal lifestyle.  And, his owners will heartily endorse their own success in business and in life.

Stu Smith, CitruSolution owner in Brevard County, Florida, is also an Army veteran, who built a very successful (and demanding) business consulting practice but wanted more.  Tired of extended trips away from family, Stu approached Paul and they formed a partnership aimed at attracting military veterans and their spouses into CitruSolution.   Carpet cleaning is not glamorous but the CitusSolution business model creates the business success and lifestyle that most people, and perhaps, most veterans are craving.  A comfortable, scalable income and full control over one’s schedule.

Stu relocated from Atlanta, Georgia where he based his consulting practice and, over a 20 year period, assisted many veterans  to launch meaningful civilian careers.  As a Board Member of the Atlanta Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Stu led the chapter effort to have local companies hire 1000 veterans.  For his efforts and success of the project, Stu was recognized with the 2012 Volunteer Leadership Award.

Stu is the first veteran joining CitruSolution under the “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” program.  This program is named in honor of Paul Romanick’s father who served as medical corpsman with the U.S. Army in World War II and recognized for his heroism and performance by none other than General of the Army, later President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower.  The “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” program offers veterans a $10,000 savings on the initial investment in a CitruSolution franchise.  This is another example of veterans helping veterans!

CitruSolution is built on values shared by Veterans — service, integrity, discipline and self sufficiency.  The franchise opportunity is ideally suited for veterans and military spouses.  New owners are provided business planning, financing and marketing assistance in addition to operations training to get their businesses up and running.  New owners are encouraged and expected to be involved in their local communities and continue to serve others.  In addition to the initial discount, veterans have no royalty payments as overhead, allowing them to enjoy the full fruit of their labor.  Stu and Paul share a vision; with hundreds of veterans establishing their own CitruSolution business and “taking their economy home” when they leave the service.

For more information please see and be sure to tell Paul or Stu you heard about their company on From Boots 2 Biz Radio.

Or, contact Bill Williams, your host of From Boots 2 Biz Radio at



Veterans see Green Gold in Grounds Guys

Would you like to find the following attributes in a business?

  • Need based, recession resistant.
  • Few Employees.
  • Very low operating costs.
  • High profit margin business model.
  • No prior industry experience necessary.
  • Can be home based.
  • Ability to grow a significant business.

Of course you would!   And Grounds Guys has all of these strong points and many more. A Grounds Guys franchise provides commercial and municipal maintenance and landscaping services, snow removal (depending on location), landscape design; sod installation, lawn and vegetation fertilization and treatment; and other related services and products.

Our guests today are Pat Hyland, VP of Franchise Development for Grounds Guys and Garrison Spearman, a military veteran and relatively new franchise owner in the metro Atlanta area.

Grounds Guys is a part of the Dwyer Group, a nationally recognized leader in multiple service industries with over 1,600 locations in the United States and Canada.  Grounds Guys benefits directly from The Dwyer Group’s 30 plus years of experience, systems and success with seven different franchise brands.

Additional competitive advantages:

  • Proprietary marketing tools and strategies to acquire customers.
  • Proprietary software designed to handle the day to day functions of the business.
  • Unique leasing and purchasing arrangements with various vendors to help new franchisees with start up and operational costs.
  • Proprietary estimating and pricing software for immediate job quotes.
  • A national call center controls overhead costs and frees up owners time to promote and manage their business.
  • Outsourcing all accounting functions provides up to the minute financial information and also reduces overhead.

It’s easy to see why many Veterans see Green Gold in Grounds Guys!

For more information contact Bill Williams, host of From Boots 2 Biz Radio at directly.

Veterans find great value at The University of Phoenix

Veterans find great value  at The University of Phoenix with flexible schedules, on line learning and multiple campus locations.  The University was originally created in 1976 to provide higher education opportunities to first responders.  As the University grew to encompass students from a wide variety of backgrounds, the military student became a much larger part of the student body leading to the creation of the Military Division about 10 years ago.

Our program today features Colonel (ret) Garland Williams, PHD, and Bryan Baldwin, describing the many opportunities and programs available to military veterans at the University of Phoenix.

The University of Phoenix is one of the largest higher-education providers in North America.  The university has 112 campuses worldwide and offers degree programs in over 100 different specialties to include at the associate, bachelor, masters and doctoral levels.

The university has an open enrollment admission policy, requiring a high school diploma, GED or its equivalent as the criterion for admission.  It also provides associate or bachelor degree applicants the opportunity for advanced placement through a prior learning assessment.  College credit can be achieved through experiential learning essays, corporate training, military training and certificates or licenses.

While the school specializes in online programs, the campuses and learning centers offer additional programs and services on site.  On line students are also able to use tutoring and social centers, which can also be used for social and student meetings.

The university offers degree programs through seven colleges and two schools.  These include, the School of Advanced Studies, School of Business, College of Criminal Justice and Security, College of Education, College of Humanities, College of Information Systems and Technology, College of Natural Sciences, College of Nursing and the College of Social Services.  In addition to the traditional education programs, the school offers continuing education courses for teachers and practitioners, professional development courses for companies and specialized courses of study for military personnel.

The University of Phoenix has been named as one of the nation’s top 20 institutions of higher education favorable to military personnel. Indeed, veterans find great value at The University of Phoenix.




Developing Your Dream Job

We welcome Peggy Titus Hall and Linda Minnick to our show today as they describe the launch of their teleseminar series, “Developing Your Dream Job”.

For those in our audience who are already in transition or about to be, the major question facing many in the military is “What’s Next for Me?”.   Peggy and Linda will describe the steps necessary to identify, target and land the job or career you really want.

Don’t get caught in the trap of an attractive salary to find yourself miserable in the every day job.  That happens to too many people who allow fear, uncertainty and doubt guide them into a job based on compensation versus finding  fulfilling attributes in the work.

Historically, we know 9-15% of veterans leaving active duty will choose an entrepreneurial path.  Before you take that journey, be sure that’s what you really want by listening to Peggy and Linda.

Remember it’s “BE, DO, HAVE” and not “DO, HAVE, BE”.


  • BE who you really are:  Be honest with yourself and what you like to do and what you don’t like to do.
  • DO what you do best:  Know your strengths, skills, interests and apply them in your work.
  • HAVE the life you’ve always wanted:  Be clear about what you’re trying to achieve and by when.

Avoid DO, HAVE, BE:

  • DO what you think is expected by others.
  • To HAVE all the trappings of success.
  • To BE the person you think you should be, you’ll only end up unhappy and bitter.

Tune in to the “Developing Your Dream Job” teleseminar on June 25th, from 7 to 9 pm Eastern as the first step.

Register here:

Peggy Titus Hall is a certified professional co-active coach, focusing on communications and career transition.  With over 20 years experience in training, facilitation and career development, Peg’s personal mission is to help people realize what is truly possible in their careers and in their lives.  Peggy recommends reading, “Brag!: The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It”  by author Peggy Klaus.

Linda Minnick is a certified life coach, motivational speaker, certified sales trainer and entrepreneur.  She has been involved in coaching and training for more than 25 years.  As a true believer and practitioner of transformational thinking, Linda presents the power of creating your own life in various fashions to individuals and groups across the country.



Veteran Entrepreneurs, Give Your Life a New Look with ProTect Painters

From Boots 2 Biz Radio welcomes Holly Owens and Paul (Buddy) Rhoades of ProTect Painters. Holly is the Franchise Development Manager for ProTect Painters.  Buddy Rhoades is a 33 year veteran of the U.S. Army, enjoyed a successful corporate career and now is a ProTect Painters franchise owner.

Attention, Veteran Entrepreneurs!  Give your life a new look with ProTect Painters.  What, another painting company?   Listen up Gomer, you don’t know what you don’t know!

The quest for reliable painters never ends.  Whether painting projects are driven by personal preference or property improvement, the business of painting thrives no matter the state of the economy.  However, quality and reliability have become issues as “not so professional” small painting contractors come and go and leave a trail of dissatisfied customers.  By offering people great service and skill they can count on, ProTect Painters has become an attractive choice and exciting franchise opportunity.

Our franchise owners come from varied professional background.  One former engineering manager applies his experience managing people to his new career.  Another, a high-powered sales executive who burned out on the long hours in that life, now appreciates the flexibility he has with the ProTect Painters model.  A Marine turned police officer, always dreamed of being self-employed and he has reached his goal!

As some point these ProTect Painters franchisees imagined a very different career and lifestyle for themselves.  They were motivated self-starters who applied a variety of skills to this new challenge and it has paid off for each one.  And, they did not have to sacrifice personal life for financial success.  The simplicity of the business model, coupled with the strong market demand and the full-on support of the management team, is the ticket to a satisfying career.  Instead of a grueling, rigid schedule you have flexibility in terms of where and when you work.

There is no storefront, office or warehouse to buy or lease; no inventory to purchase and store.  You can operate from a home office and even manage the business remotely.  Work is performed by subcontractor crews, eliminating the complexities of carrying a full time staff.  For a very affordable investment, you can have a new career–one where you set the goals and enjoy the rewards that come from reaching them.  You also control the pace.  You can start small and ramp up by adding more crews as your business grows.  Yes, it really can be this simple!

It is universally accepted that success depends as much on desire as ability.  Our training program is built on that wisdom.  If you possess the desire, we will give you the essential skills needed to build a ProTect Painters franchise.  From estimating to accounting to marketing and business management, you’ll receive a comprehensive training program at our home offices.  You’ll also receive on going support from our operations team, our marketing department and our IT staff.

ProTect Painters is part of Service Brands International, a highly respected franchise organization whose other brands include Molly Maid and Mr. Handyman.   SBI’s mission is to help owners quickly reach their goals and realize their dreams.  And, they do!

Franchise owners of more than 800 locations nationwide have the freedom of running their own business and still have time for family and leisure.

For more information about a ProTect Painters franchise, contact Bill Williams, host of From Boots 2 Biz radio at

Learn more about franchise opportunities, attend one of our webinars offered through Military Transition Advisors at this link:



Mr. Appliance and Veteran Entrepreneurs

Mr. Appliance and Veteran Entrepreneurs are a great match.

Mr. Appliance is a full service appliance repair company dealing in both residential and commercial applications.  We also do all levels of maintenance and installation for commercial refrigeration.

The appliance repair industry is by far the most fragmented in the service industry.  The need for the services is very high with extensive repeat clientele.  There will always be a need for appliance repair and the competition is primarily Mom & Pop type operations.  Growth in this industry as a result of the low competition levels is very high.

Mr. Appliance is highly respected by appliance manufacturers, we are the only franchise company currently in this industry and we are considered to be the leader in the field.

Mr. Appliance places so much value on veteran owners they offer a 25% discount off the franchise fee and for qualified candidates will finance up to 70% of the balance of the franchise fee, freeing up capital assets for new owners to spend on marketing and business development.

Mr. Appliance is part of the Dwyer Group, based in Waco, Texas.  Today, the Dwyer Group includes seven service-based franchise organizations:  Aire Serve, Glass Doctor, Mr. Appliance, Mr. Electric, Mr. Rooter, Rainbow International and Grounds Guys.

The Dwyer Group believes military veterans and military spouses are attracted to the company’s franchise opportunities because of the support services, the commitment to the company’s mission, vision and Code of Values as well as the established reputation of the management team and the success of the franchise systems.  Be sure to watch the Under Cover Boss video featuring Dina Dwyer Owens, CEO and Chairwoman of The Dwyer Group and gain an understanding of the company culture.

Warrior 2 Citizen helps veterans and families

Mission Overview –The Warrior to Citizensm (W2Csm) mission is to help returning soldiers and their family’s transition from the front lines to the home front and deal with symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

Warrior to Citizen’s goal is to help soldiers face a variety of social, economic and mental conflicts that may arise after they return stateside and ensure any assistance or counseling is offered before trouble turns into tragedy.

An estimated 370,000 military men and women return home every year after extended tours in war zones around the world. Their arrival affects another million people including spouses, children, parents, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends.

Nearly every warrior is affected by the ravages of war and face challenges due to the abrupt transition from life on the battlefield to civilian life.

The Veterans Administration reports that nationally, 18 Veterans commit suicide EVERY DAY and another 40 Veterans attempt suicide EVERY DAY.

Veterans are the highest percentage of people who are considered HOMELESS,  and veterans are much more likely to become divorced, especially after the multiple deployments now common policy throughout the US military.

The Warrior to Citizen Project is specifically designed to target troops during that critical transition period in the weeks after returning home by providing high quality, focused psychological and spiritual counseling for the warrior and their family in a peaceful setting that will nurture the healing process without outside distractions.

This is accomplished with one-month long residential programs filled with counseling sessions, interactive family activities and outdoor exercise in beautiful surroundings.

The W2C Project has been specifically designed to help our returning troops to make the transition to civilian life by providing a time and space for balancing body, mind and spirit of the warfighter and military family and support systems.

Many of the troops will experience the impact of the emotional unseen wounds of war and have a difficult time transitioning along with their family back into society.  Even without PTSD, most troops need an “adjustment period” to decompress in a non-military environment and a program that provides time and space supporting “family systems” so important to the veteran.

Their family systems are highly impacted—this impact can be directly related to the stress of combat from multiple deployments and the inability to decompress from the “battlemind”. A negative force-multiplier is a lack of proactive community support/guidance, education, counseling and training of the military commanders, warfighter and families during pre-deployments, deployments and post deployments.  The Warrior 2 Citizen Project will provide solutions to these issues based upon a National Guard best practice model; and others.

And, a big Thank You to Dennis Brown, U.S. Army, retired after 30 years of service and a tour in Afghanistan, for stopping by the studio today and bringing our attention to the Warrior 2 Citizen program.

Warrior 2 Citizen

2344 Perimeter Park Drive Suite 100

Atlanta, GA 30341